THC Collaborations (Youtube)

The Hover Cart is a one-stop lifestyle website for all to shop, play & discover the lifestyle world. Armed with a website visitor rate of 6000 – 8000 daily visits, up to 200,000 monthly visits and a target audience of males & females aged 16–30 from both Singapore & abroad. We are actively seeking partners to showcase their Youtube channel on our site.

Our aim:

We want to showcase a diverse variety of content from SG / international channels to our website audience. At the same time, provide more views & visibility to your channels.


  • Interested channels need not do anything and we will embed their channel onto individual channel page on our site. It syncs to your Youtube page, hence new videos will show up here also.
  • Since the videos are embedded onto our site instead of being downloaded from Youtube & upload on our site, your channel will still get all the views, subscriptions and likes / dislikes as per usual.
  • We will not monetize the individual channel page to ensure you retain full control of advertisement potential from your content.
  • We will curate & promote partner channels on our social platforms & email newsletter.
  • It's free to join! Think of this as a way to gain more views & visibility in a collaborative relationship with us.
  • Interested, do contact us via

Live page of partner channel for your reference: 

Dapper Dop (Tech)


Daily web traffic: