Who Are We?

The Hover Cart is a Tech & Gaming website from Singapore! Started in June 2016 as a simple eCommerce site by Luis during his university days. After graduation, THC started reforming into a Tech & Gaming site in 2019. Fueled with passion for the Tech & Gaming world, THC aim to provide engaging articles, opinion pieces & more for all the valued followers!

Current Segments:
-THC Tech, is a Tech focused blog with articles about happenings in the Tech world.

-THC Gaming, is a Gaming-centric blog with articles regarding the Gaming landscape.

-Collaboration with Youtubers, whereby THC showcase up & coming creator's video content on the site, to promote great quality Tech / Gaming content creators to our visitors.

Future Plans:
In the short term, aim to work with more writers in increasing quality and quantity of the written content. In the long term, will hope to expand into various other genres like movies & music etc, and media mediums like podcasts & video productions etc. 

What is The Hover Cart?

The Hover Cart is a Tech & Gaming website, working with various passionate writers, writing Tech & Gaming short articles for THC. For video content, THC collaborates with smaller content creators and showcase their great Tech & Gaming content on THC, in order to help aid them grow. Through this collaboration, our 6K+ social followers and even more visitors will be able to discover these content creators and help them achieve more recognition for their work.

THC is constantly looking out for collaboration opportunities, be it influencers / companies / content creators of all sizes are welcome! Just drop us a message with the "Contact Us" button above.


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