Samsung Galaxy Fold vs Huawei Mate X


It looks like 2019 is going to be the year of foldable smartphones, two biggest players right now area Samsung and Huawei, Samsung with its Galaxy Fold and Huawei with its Mate X. what are the key differences between these two devices? Let’s break them down and analyze them.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold, Image Credits: Samsung

Now initially we have different folding styles in both of these devices. Let’s first talk about Galaxy fold, it folds on the inside. So it has a 7.3-inch Infinity Flex AMOLED display, but it also has a second display that’s on the cover and that’s 4.6 inches. While on Huawei Mate X, you get the 8 Inch Flexible OLED display that folds in the outside. When it is folded down it is split into two so you have a 6.6-inch front display and 6.3 inches back display, which can also be active. 

The Huawei Mate X, Image Credits: Huawei

The question arises, that which of these smart folding phones is better? Well, it comes down to personal preferences, both of these devices have their pros and cons. With the galaxy fold, the advantage is that you do get an inner display, which is protected whenever the device is folded. One important thing to keep in mind is that glass does not fold so these displays are made of plastic and plastic tends to get scratched very easily. With galaxy fold, it is going to be protected at all times. Whereas with Mate X it is going to be exposed at all times.

In Galaxy Fold you are not getting the full screen, instead, you have to bear with the front camera cutouts. The second display on Galaxy Fold is only 4.6 inches, with quite a bit of bezel. With Mate X when the device is opened completely you get minimum bezels and there are no camera cutouts. The way Huawei has achieved this is with the help of sidebar. Sidebar handles like a grip when you are holding the device flat out, and it also houses the cameras.

Image Credits: Samsung

Let’s talk about internals, Galaxy Fold comes with a SnapDragon 855 processor, whereas Mate X comes with a Kirin 980 along with Balong 5000. In terms of processing power, both these processors are very fast, but when it comes to RAM, Galaxy Fold has 12GB as compared to 8GB in Mate X. Both devices come with 512GB storage, but Galaxy Fold has UFS 3.0 storage, which is twice as fast as the normal storage.

In terms of software, you will get Android Pie on both the devices, Mate X will have EMUI and Galaxy Fold will come with OneUI. We have seen three app multitasking with Galaxy Fold as compared to two on Mate X.

Let’s shed some light on the camera department. Mate X has the triple camera set up same as Mate 20 pro. We have got the main camera of 40 megapixels, then a 16 megapixels Ultra-wide camera and 8-megapixel Telephoto lenses. Whereas Galaxy Fold is much more interesting in this department. Galaxy Fold comes with 6 cameras, yes that’s right 6 cameras. We have got 40-megapixel primary sensor, then 16 megapixels Ultra-wide and 8-megapixel Telephone camera same as Galaxy S10. We also have a separate camera for cover display of 10 megapixels, for when the device is closed and two cameras when the device is open. One of these is a 10-megapixel primary sensor along with an8-megapixel depth sensor.

Image Credits: Huawei

I think it’s great to see innovation in this area and you have to remember that these are first generation phones so although they might not be perfect they will be getting better over time. Share with us what do you think about the two devices below.



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