New iPadOS- a game changer in the Apple community


Apple recently revealed that a new MacOS will be available - the iPadOS. The iPadOS is slightly different from the previous MacOS, as this OS is designed to be oriented towards work and study usage on tablets. The preview of the MacOS shows a sleek user interface with many new additions to the OS.


Editing documents and PowerPoint slides are now made easier with the new gestures that will allow you to copy, cut and paste text with the swipe, pinch and tap of your fingers. Furthermore, you can select text by sliding your finger over it or select a certain word or sentence my double tapping, and also, cursor placement is made more precise. These new features make writing and editing easier on-the-go, especially for those who mainly use their iPads for work or study. No more messy editing and excessive typos with this upgrade! Customized fonts will be made available on the apple store for download, and it can be used for presentations and word documents.



Now, you are able to view multiple apps using Slide Over, and work using multiple apps using Split Screen. This feature is great for referencing to materials or for multitasking. Many users like designers or artists will find it easier to draw or design with a reference beside their work, making work become more efficient on the iPad. Furthermore, the new iPadOS now enable the user to utilize the keyboard in different ways with the new floating keyboard feature that can also allow the user to swipe over the letters to type quickly. This feature is especially useful for note taking during lectures or meetings.


The new iPadOS sleek user interface now have a dark mode which is easier to the users’ eyes, especially if they are working in low lighting. Furthermore, this dark mode is implemented to every component and app, making this dark mode consistent and uniform, so there would not be any awkward app that is not adapted into the dark mode.



The Apple Pencil and the Smart Keyboard are great tools that are versatile and compact. With the iPadOS, the Apple Pencil latency is reduced to improve usage precision, which makes drawing on the iPad like drawing on actual paper. Keyboard shortcuts will be made available on the Smart Keyboard. Overall, the iPadOS will improve the users’ experience with the Apple Pencil and the Smart Keyboard, as the improvements will increase efficiency and make work easier on the iPad.

Organising files and photos on the iPad is made hassle free with the new OS. You can organize your files in one place, the iCloud Drive. Furthermore, you will be able to share the files through the iCloud Drive file sharing system. File sharing becomes less complicated between apple users as they would not need to utilize an external application for sharing. Photo storage, photo and video editing is taken to another level, as the gallery will be able to curate the photos and present the best shots taken across multiple events or dates. New tools will be added to improve the quality of the photo being edited and adjustment dials will be added to help control the magnitude of the effects added. This improvement is useful especially to photographers that would want to edit their photos on the go. It is also easy to use, so it can be used by photographers of different calibers, ranging from beginners to professionals. Since the topic of security of storage system has become a more popular one, changes are made to the camera storage system. The camera storage system is now airtight, so that the photos and videos stored on the device will not be compromised, which shows Apple’s emphasis on privacy.


Many speculated that the new iPadOS will transform the iPad into the Macbook with the addition of the Smart Keyboard, and it will be a game changer. The iPadOS will break the limits of the iPad by equipping it with more functions, and it will maintain its versatility with the touchscreen and the Apple Pencil. Not many tablets can achieve the level of versatility of the iPad, as the applications in the iPad are highly interconnected. The photos in the gallery can be used in the notes app for annotation, and the videos can be edited in the iStudio app. Additionally, there is the iCloud drive that enables sharing of files with others easily. In conclusion, you will be able to complete a multitude of tasks using Apple apps only.


As this iPadOS will be released in the fall, many apple users are looking forward to this OS update, as this OS have the ability to revolutionize the iPad, bringing it up to another level. Since the preview of this iPadOS looks very promising, many hopes that Apple would not fail to deliver.

*Images Credit: Apple*

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