iPad Air 2019, is it worth it?


For a while now, Apple has retained the market in the tech world and people always go crazy about their products. Many users prefer the secure nature of the Apple operating system as compared to others. People are willing to pay a little higher just to make sure their privacy is some bit secure. Apple products are admired for their sleek designs, fast operating systems, and smooth multi-tasking abilities. Talking specifically about the iPads, the product is certainly in demand with the portable nature and basic computing capabilities.


In recent years iPads were divided into two categories. An iPad with a price range of around $300 has all the basic features and run almost all the applications smoothly. The only area where this iPad is lacking is the processor and design. Chipset running the iPad is fairly old and the design is way old as compared to the latest advancement. For many users, this iPad is doing the job quite well and they contend with the design too. For the more demanding users, Apple has launched the iPad pro. iPad Pro is laced with cutting edge technology with ultra-fast processor and state of the art design. The screen and resolutions are to die for and the product is phenomenal in use. With all the advanced features, prices are certainly steep. So, it all comes down to the budget as there was no other option than choosing between these two. However, with the increasing demand, Apple came up with the new product, iPad Air 2019, with a price range of $500 and balanced specs and designs. Apple went with the 10.5 inches size just like the iPad Pro but made some downgrades in the specifications so that the Air can’t challenge the Pro. Now the big question here is to make the decision between basic iPad and iPad Air. Is the additional cash worth the upgrades?


iPad Air 2019, Image Credits: Apple


The iPad Air 2019 stands in between the entry-level iPad which hasn’t been updated since 2018, and iPad Pro 2018. iPad Air 2019 design is actually based off of the second generation iPad Pro from 2017 so this means when compared to iPad Air 2 there is a noticeable design upgrade. You will get a 10.5-inch display versus 9.7 inches we had it before and we also get a significantly thinner bezel overall, especially on the sides. Now it’s not a 2018 iPad Pros design where there are really thin bezels and no home bottom and face ID but it’s not bad. It’s still one of the best-looking tablets in the market and it now comes in an even darker shade of space grey than before. The display is surprisingly good and so it’s almost as good as iPad Pro second generation, we get same DCI P3 color, hence everything is incredibly vibrant. You will also get true tone display that automatically adjusts its color temperature based on lighting condition around it and we also get the same 1.8% reflectivity. All this makes up for an amazing display for watching videos and reading books. Yes, you can say this is one of the best displays on a tablet.


Now iPad Pro does have pro-motion technology which makes everything twice as fluid up to 120 Hertz but this is missing from the Air. So it is a pretty big downgrade if you are coming from second generation IPad Pro or newer, but if you are not then this display is as fluid as any other Apple devices out there and its really easy to read when outdoors as well. It goes up to 500 Nits of brightness which is actually the same as the MacBook Pro. It is not as bright as second or third generation iPad Pros which can actually go up to 600 Nits. Still, it's more than enough and it’s an amazing display. Talking about speakers, they are also very good. They are not quad speakers like on the iPad Pros but they still sound amazing none the less.    


Also, the performance on this is just incredible. You can edit full 4K videos on this and games run great. Fortnite for example at native resolution runs at 60 frames per second on this device, you can also connect a controller and make it into a gaming console. Thanks to the fact that it comes with 3 gigabytes of RAM,  you can run three apps at the same time, how cool Is that?


Now it comes with Apple A12 bionic processor inside of it, and its actually the same found ton iPhone XS. Just for comparison, this processor is more powerful than most PC laptops out there. Now it’s not as fast at exporting a video as iPad Pro, but let’s be honest most people that get an iPad Pro don’t use it for heavy video editing anyway.


iPad Air 2019, Image Credits: Apple 


The camera is also really good as well and the front camera has now been upgraded to a 7-megapixel sensor, same as found in the iPad Pros hence selfies and FaceTime calls look a much better than before. Back facing camera isn’t so bad either. No, it’s not a 4K sensor as found on the iPad Pro. Despite the home bottom which was found in older iPads, you get the same gestures as 2018 IPad Pro so swiping up to go home and multitasking lets you feel in control. Another upside for iPad Air is support for both Apple smart keyboard and Apple pencil, both of which were exclusive for iPad Pros. The keyboard is the same as 2017 iPad Pro, it’s a decent keyboard. Apple Pencil is the first model all the way from 2015 iPad Pro. They may not be the latest model but they are pretty effective in their functions nonetheless.


In the end, iPad Air 2019 is pretty good as it cost significantly less than an iPad Pro and it offers significantly more than the entry level. If you ask is it worth it? There is no simple answer to that question. It would be a great recommendations to those still rocking an old tablet looking to upgrade but are put off by the iPad Pro’s price. iPad Air 2019 would offer them a near laptop experience provided by the iPad Pro series but at a tad lower standard with a cheaper price tag. What do you think about the iPad Air 2019? Do share your thoughts below!



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