The rise of indie games on the Switch


Source: Studio MDHR official twitter account @studiomdhr

In recent years, indie games have been rising in popularity. Indie games have become increasingly diverse in genres, ranging from open world games to role playing games. What makes an indie game and indie game you might ask? An indie game is a game developed by small companies or teams that are formed specifically for the creation of the game. Most of the time these companies or individuals are not financially backed by big firms.



Source: Studio MDHR official twitter account @studiomdhr

Let’s start with a popular game - Cuphead! This is a run and gun game where you can play as cuphead to fight against multiple bosses. This game is about 2 brothers, cuphead and mugman, played multiple games of craps at the Devil’s casino. While they were on a winning streak, the Devil offered to raise the stakes of the game. If they are victorious, the will get all the money in the casino as the reward, but if they lose, they will  have to sacrifice their souls to the Devil. Ultimately, they lost the game against the Devil and had to hand over their souls. However, they pleaded the Devil for mercy, and were told to collect soul contracts for the Devil instead. This game is a very difficult game to beat, playing this game on the easiest setting still poses quite a challenge to many players, including experienced gamers. The game animation dynamics and art are heavily inspired by rubber hose animation and early cartoon styles like felix the cat and steamboat willie. Cuphead is a refreshing game as its style breaks away from gaming norms and trends at that time. Furthermore, recently Cuphead is made playable on the Switch!


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The next game we will be talking about is Undertale! This is a single player RPG game where you have to solve multiple puzzles to get through the game. The outcome of the game is pivotal on the player’s decision making skills, the morality of the player will be defined through the player’s decision to befriend, kill or run from the other characters. How you play the game is solely based on yourself, whether you decide to play it more aggressively by killing the characters or to play it more passively by evading or using non-violent methods, there is no definite way to play this game. In this game, if you engage the enemy, you would have to evade the attacks in a method similar to bullet hell games like Touhou. Undertale’s game plot is highly complex and it is intriguing while it unravels. If you are interested, you can also get Deltarune, which is the prequel to Undertale, but in order to fully understand Deltarune, it is highly recommended for you to play Undertale first.


Now, we will be talking about a single player platform game, Dead Cells. This game is a pixelised 2d platform game where you have to fight zombies while finding a way out of the dungeon. The game is filled with beautiful graphics and a multitude of colours. You will be playing as a slime that possessed a corpse that will level up by gaining dead cells along the way. You will be captivated by the colourful art and the dynamic game!


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Next up we have Moonlighter! It is a single player RPG where you live two different lives in the day and at night. In the day, you will play as a merchant managing his shop, and at night, you will be able to explore dungeons and defeat hordes of enemies. You will be able to find loot, or be looted if you get defeated by monsters. You will also be able to hire people to help with the store in the day. If you are looking for a simple game that you can enjoy anytime, this is a game for you!


Source: Undertale official twitter account @undertale

These are a few games you can enjoy in your free time, especially those who are relatively new to the indie genre. There are many more indie games out there, such as Bendy and the ink machine, which has a dark twist. The best thing about indie games is that you will never know what is waiting for you. Indie games are known to break free from game stereotypes and common tropes, so it really gives players a fresh breath of air as they experience something different and new even though they are playing on the same platform as a triple A game. Many indie games have great storylines that will exceed your expectations and blow your mind. Previously, indie games are limited mostly to PC, PS4 and Xbox, but currently there has been a rise in the number of indie games that are available on the switch! It really is a genre that is worth exploring and it never fails to amaze the audience.


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