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Source: Nintendo official website

NES games are available on the Switch. Players who are subscribed to Switch Online can have unlimited access to the classic NES games. Before we start, let's have a brief recap of what NES is. NES stands for Nintendo Entertainment System, it is a 3rd generation 8 bit home game console, that was launched in 1983. The NES was one of the best selling game systems at that time, and it helped to refresh the video game industry after it became overly saturated with a multitude of video game systems. There were many games that became popular on the NES like Super Mario Bros 3, Legend of Zelda, Battle Toads and Final Fantasy. The NES managed to remain relevant through the years, making it a household name. Now, a portion of NES games have been remastered to be made playable on the Switch, like Super Mario Bros 1 and 3, Donkey Kong, Ice Climbers, e.t.c.


Source: Nintendo official website

One of the main reasons Nintendo made this move could be due to the multitude of video game consoles that Nintendo released, and not every game is remastered or made available on a particular console. As a series of games progresses, the consoles also becomes more and more developed. Any new games that are released on the new consoles won’t be released on any of the older consoles, so people who wanted to play the game had to buy the new console in order to play the game. Series like Pokémon, Legend of Zelda and Harvest Moon have multiple games released on different consoles, till now it remains unconsolidated and fans had voiced out issues of playing games on multiple consoles being a little troublesome, but yet still have its own benefits. Remastering the NES games is a smart move made by Nintendo because the NES setup is different from present day technology, so if there are fans that want to play the NES games without the hassle, they can simply buy the Switch to have access to Switch and NES games.

Source: Nintendo official website

Since the NES games have been brought into the Switch, there maybe a possibility that other games from NES and other consoles to be brought into the Switch. Since Final Fantasy is one of the series that had great reception when it was released on the NES, and the subsequent games living up to its name, it is highly probable that it will be brought on the Switch. Games like Battle Toads, TMNT and Pac-Man would bring nostalgia to those who have been fans since the 80’s. Nintendo maybe planning to bring in games on home video game consoles like the Nintendo GameCube, Wii, N64 and SNES first, as these consoles have a multitude of multiplayer games which seems to be Nintendo’s key component and priority when they remastered the NES games into the Switch. Nintendo GameCube could be the top of the remaster list, as there are quite a few games on it that have a fanbase of a remarkable size. The more popular games on the GameCube are Pokémon Coloseum, Pokémon Box: Ruby and Sapphire, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Twilight princess, Four Swords Adventures, and Wind Waker.


This move made by Nintendo have the potential to bring the whole Nintendo community together using a single console. Veteran gamers will be able to enjoy nostalgia from the older NES games, while newer gamers can discover the retro games and enjoy them together, which will allow them to develop a sense of belonging and they would be able to appreciate video games, no matter new or old, even more. Veteran gamers can also explore the newer games on the Switch, which could really expand their horizons. Furthermore, Nintendo also released NES style wireless Switch controllers that gives the players the full immersive experience.


Since the NES games have been remastered, there have been mixed reviews from the people. Many have mentioned that the amount of NES games that are playable are not many, and that they are not engaging nor interesting at all. Furthermore they also did say that the changed game mechanics kind of ruins the game for them, like how the player starts with all weapons and rupees in the Legend of Zelda, and said that it is like “playing the game with all the cheat codes”. Another main concern was that there were no games from other consoles like N64 or GameCube, so there is not much variety in the games available. However there were positive reviews too, as the NES classics can be played offline for a limited amount of time, so players can play the NES classics on the go, which is a big perk given that the Switch is quite versatile. Players can also play the NES classics online together, and can communicate through the Switch online smartphone app.  Honestly, this Switch Online with the NES classics have its pros and cons, if this is developed even further by Nintendo, it has the potential to unite the Nintendo community, regardless of age or console. It is quite a worthy investment, as you are able to access NES classics, and you can use this service to play online on other Switch games too, and it’s also inexpensive, about $20 for a yearly subscription with 7 days free is quite a catch.

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