Evil Genius 2 World Domination Preview


Another cult classic that most gamers haven’t heard of, the Evil Genius series is returning to making a return to the market with a new developer, Rebellion. Like articles I’ve written my articles about the upcoming revivals of ​Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered​ and Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines 2​, Evil Genius is one of the few decade-old classics that has been forgotten by the game community at large- but is getting a comeback out of nowhere.Is it shameful for companies to dust off old, forgotten gems and reintroduce them to the community? Of course not. And unlike my other reviews, this comeback isn’t a dust off and polish like Crystal Chronicles Remastered, and isn’t a revisioned sequel like Bloodlines 2- it’s somewhere in-between. As Rebellion had put it, it’s an “enhanced” sequel to the original, and I, personally, look forward to playing it. 

Evil Genius is a spy-fi classic where you play the Bond-esque supervillain that is hell-bent to commit evil in an over the top fashion. It is very similar to lair builder games like Dungeon Keeper and the Dungeons games where you play as the antagonist that heroes go to challenge, but a large part of Evil Genius is focused on training minions that you’d deploy on missions throughout the world. 

Rebellion has looked at what worked and what didn’t in the original and made some significant quality of life improvements. As old players will surely remember, it was a hassle killing people in and around your base because you’d have a body bag that you’d have to store in a freezer room and could never get rid of, but now you can! The sequel will introduce an incinerator that can get rid of the evidence before it compiles and forces you to expand your freezer for the fiftieth time. 

(Source: ​https://www.old-games.com/download/9332/evil-genius​) 

Other significant changes are your minions now have stats and buildings on the island serve more than to distract tourists. While I enjoy having unique minions that I can specialize to tasks they are best suited for, it introduces another layer of micromanagement that can ruin the flow and make the disposable, jumpsuited minions a little less disposable when you have a reason to remember their names. 

(Ehhh, Jim is really good with managing the lair’s IT. It’d be a shame if I sent him on the diamond heist and he got killed) 

As for the buildings around your island that are intended to distract tourists, the sequel aims to make them a bigger part of the game. Now the buildings will disguise your base as your “front” or your “cover,” and super-spies will have to find a way through to get into your lair. 

While not a whole lot else is known about the upcoming sequel, it should be a solid game as long as it builds upon the original formula- which has been the promise as of so far. The developers over at Rebellion seem to be genuine fans, so it is somewhat assured that the quality of the game will be on par or better than the original.

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