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Source: E3 official twitter account @E3

The E3 2019 is drawing near, and many fans are anticipating this event. For those who are new or unfamiliar with E3, E3 is a 3 day expo event that will take place in Los Angeles, California. Many industry giants like Nintendo and Microsoft will be participating to announce latest updates on new games, consoles, e.t.c.Many other gaming firms like Electronic Arts (EA) would be participating too. Tickets to E3 are known as "badges", and there are few types of badges: gamer, industry pro, premium and media. The different badges have target different groups of people. The gamer badge are more for people who attend E3 as a consumer. The industry pro badge are for people who are directly involved in the process of producing games, so this pass grants them early entry so that they can attend meetings and conferences related to work. The premium pass are for industry professionals that are there for business purposes only. Last and not least, the media pass are for social media influencers, youtuber and streamers, as they may be participating to promote goods or to host.


Source: E3 official twitter account @E3


If you are attending E3, there are many attractions you can see in the expo, which includes different exhibits, booths and press conferences. Many booths in E3 are interactive, like the Blizzard payload tour in E3 2018. You will be able to purchase official merch, E3 exclusive merch and even some special edition goods! At E3, you will meet many like minded people and learn more about the gaming industry in depth. Even though many fans participate E3, many businessmen and industry professionals attend this event too, so E3 is actually a large scale events that bring people of different background and purposes together. Many companies "test the waters" through E3, as they allow participants to interact with their newest products that will gauge their reaction towards these products. This provides feedback to the companies, so they can make some changes to their products to improve it further for gamers.


Source: E3 official twitter account @E3


E3 2019 have been gaining a lot of attention recently, as Sony announced that they are not participating this year's E3. This is especially unusual because Sony is a consistent participant of E3, and their absence left some fans shocked. Furthermore, there have been talk about adapting Netflix shows like Stranger Things into games on multiple consoles and many companies teased that they are going to drop major news in E3 2019!

Other than games and updates, you would be able to experience VR like no other by joining the UploadVR showcase, which will display future models of VR gear that are currently under development. Also, you would be able to experience new VR tech firsthand through the demos that you can try out at booths. During UploadVR, games that will be playable using VR gear will be announced, and if you are lucky, you would be able to try out the demo version, like the minecraft VR demo in E3 2015. This showcase is perfect for those who wants to venture into VR gaming, or those who are already big fans of VR. The experience will allow participants to understand VR in depth, as it is relatively new to the gaming industry.



Source: E3 official twitter account @E3


Competitions like game design competition are frequently held in E3. Competitors coming from different institutions would gather create games based on the competition, and the end product of their projects will be displayed at E3. This competition exposes the competitors to industry professionals and consumers, which provides them with feedback that may have the potential to help them step up their game. Since these competitions will attract many industry professionals, the competitors may be scouted by these professionals. Thus, the competition acts as a window of opportunities that play a paramount role in the future careers of the participants. There are also exhibition for game concept art and digital art that many participate in E3 and the artworks are simply stunning.


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The most important part of E3 is to know the rules and to take care of yourself. Recently the rules and regulations set by E3 are more strict, so to fully enjoy yourself in e3 you will have to observe the rules closely. Participants have to be 17 years old and above to enter the venue, bulky backpacks are not allowed, so be prepared to use a compact sling bag on the day of the event. For those who are not staying in LA, make sure to make arrangements for accommodations in advance to avoid any mishaps. Remember to stay hydrated throughout the whole event and most importantly, have fun!


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