Biggest announcements from Nintendo at E3 2019


Finally, E3 2019 is here and many fans from all around the world gathered in Los Angeles for this highly anticipated annual expo!

Source: Nintendo official twitter account @nintendoamerica

First of all, a Breath of The Wild sequel has been announced! The trailer features Link and Zelda likely in Hyrule castle remains, and the trailer cuts back and forth between the protagonists and a ghostly hand grabbing Calamity Ganon’s corpse. This eerie trailer teases a BOTW sequel that will feature more interaction between Link and Zelda, and the possible resurrection of Ganondorf. This sequel to BOTW takes a dark twist, similar to one of the older games in the Zelda series, Majora’s mask. This drew a lot of attention from fans as many expected a remake of perhaps one of the older Zelda games like Wind Waker or Skyward Sword, but not a sequel to BOTW. As this sequel is still under development, there are yet more teasers to come!

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Talking about Zelda games, the remake of Link’s awakening will be released on the 9th of September on the Switch. Many were able to play the game demo. The game mechanics are still the same, but Link’s movements are not as limited as before. Maps, characters and enemies still remains the same. The plot is still the same as the older version of the game. So far the feedback from fans were positive, as they felt that the reboot is “exactly how Link’s Awakening should feel like”. The reboot perfectly brought the old NES game to life by perfectly capturing all the minute details of the game, and it does not stray too far from the original. Many would say that the reboot is a very safe choice that will satisfy many fans, especially fans who had played previous versions of Legend of Zelda.

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The star of the Nintendo exhibition during E3 2019 was-obviously-Pokemon Sword and Shield. Snippets of gameplay and game demos were made available during the event, where participants could experience the new game for themselves. The game mechanisms are similar to the older Pokemon games, unlike Pokemon Let’s GoPikachu and Eevee. The game interface design is now sleeker and 2D, unlike previous versions on the DS where everything was more colourful and bubbly.

One of the gym leaders, Nessa, was revealed during E3 2019, and many fans love her design. Nessa is a water-type gym leader sporting a sporty outfit and a fierce attitude. Many speculate that Nessa has one of the best character designs in the Pokemon series. Overall, the designs of the key characters like the gym leaders, the elite four and the champion are more sport oriented.

As many were curious as to what region exclusive abilities like Z-moves in the Alolan region, does Galar region has to offer, today, it has been revealed that Pokemons in the Galar region are able to transform into giant versions of themselves for a few turns, with the Dynamax feature. However, in Pokemon Sword and Shield, how you encounter Pokemon in the wild is similar to how you encounter them in Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee, as they roam freely in the wild area.


Source: Nintendo official twitter account @nintendoamerica

Next up would be Luigi's Mansion 3! Gameplay videos and teasers were released, and many fans are excited for this release. However, in this installation of Luigi Mansion, the location is actually set in a hotel instead of an actual mansion. 4 players can play the game locally, but it can be played by 8 players online. Luigi's mansion is a dungeon-like game where you fight ghosts, like the Ghostbusters!


Source: Nintendo official twitter account @nintendoamerica

Coming up, the first look at Astral Chain 's gameplay has been released! It looks like an action packed third person perspective rpg. The game is set in a futuristic cyberpunk world where you will be playing as police officer to fight off a variety of opponents. The class system known as "legions" are split into five, each legion are unique and do not overlap with each other.


Source: Nintendo E3 official website

Lastly, Nintendo showcased Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order, a co-op action game bringing 4 players mayhem. This installation includes not only the Avengers, X-Men, Miles Morales, Deadpool and more characters will be included as playable characters. Since this is a Marvel game, there will certainly be easter eggs that will relate to the comics or perhaps the MCU. Many fans are excited as this version would be released on the switch, given the large fan base, its versatility and its ability to appeal to audiences of all ages.


Source: E3 official twitter account @E3

As E3 2019 concludes, many fans were left wanting for more! E3 2019 was one of the most happening E3 out of all the years, as the revelations and announcements were very surprising, and even left some fans baffled. Since this is the last day of E3 2019, it is time to kick back and relax. Share below your thoughts about this year's E3! 

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